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Biot Photo Gallery

  •  Biot photo biot057b.jpg

    1/14. Biot exterior, east end of the village

  •  Biot photo biot0006b.jpg

    2/14. Biot village exterior, viewed from the south side

  •  Biot photo biot0020b.jpg

    3/14. Biot's colorful history-ceramic museum in the center of the old village

  •  Biot photo biot0028b.jpg

    4/14. The Place des Arcades in the old village of Biot

  •  Biot photo biot0026b.jpg

    5/14. An arch and dancing leopard at the Place des Arcades in Biot village

  •  Biot photo biot0041b.jpg

    6/14. A Biot village street with ocre walls and flowers

  •  Biot photo biot0040b.jpg

    7/14. A Biot village calade (step-street) passing through vaulted passages

  •  Biot photo biot0042b.jpg

    8/14. Stone steps going up a calade (step-street) in old Biot village

  •  Biot photo biot0045b.jpg

    9/14. An all-grey Biot village cobblestone street

  •  Biot photo biot0051b.jpg

    10/14. Medieval stone vaulted passage in the old village of Biot

  •  Biot photo biot0052b.jpg

    11/14. Stone steps, stone walls, in the old village of Biot

  •  Biot photo biot0056b.jpg

    12/14. Ocre-salmon house with sundial in the old village of Biot

  •  Biot photo biot0060b.jpg

    13/14. A very Medieval looking window set in a thick wall of the village of Biot

  •  Biot photo biot0057b.jpg

    14/14. Nicely wrought, iron sign for Biot's Four Communal (communal oven).

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