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Aurel Photo Gallery

  •  Aurel photo aurel0009b.jpg

    1/15. Aurel village from the trail - First view of Aurel village from the hiking trail coming north from Sault

  •  Aurel photo aurel0002b.jpg

    2/15. Aurel village closer, from the trail

  •  Aurel photo aurel0006b.jpg

    3/15. Aurel village nestled in the hills - The village is actually perched on a low ridge, between the higher hills on either side

  •  Aurel photo aurel0010b.jpg

    4/15. Aurel perched village, from the southwest

  •  Aurel photo aurel0046b.jpg

    5/15. Center of Aurel village - Standing at the fountain, looking southeast

  •  Aurel photo aurel0060b.jpg

    6/15. Cyclists through the center of Aurel village

  •  Aurel photo aurel0062b.jpg

    7/15. The main fountain in the center of Aurel village

  •  Aurel photo aurel0048b.jpg

    8/15. Aurel village shopping center - The low doorway goes into the Alimentation general store: groceries, gifts, information

  •  Aurel photo aurel0022b.jpg

    9/15. Top side of the Aurel Chateau - Now a private residence

  •  Aurel photo aurel0031b.jpg

    10/15. Doorway of Aurel's 12th-century church

  •  Aurel photo aurel0034b.jpg

    11/15. Aurel's 12th-c church and defensive arched entry

  •  Aurel photo aurel0024b.jpg

    12/15. Ancient doorway and bright flowers in Aurel

  •  Aurel photo aurel0040b.jpg

    13/15. An Aurel village passage, leading down

  •  Aurel photo aurel0043b.jpg

    14/15. An Aurel village passage, looking up

  •  Aurel photo aurel0052b.jpg

    15/15. Relais du Mt Ventoux Café-resto-hotel - A cyclists center, the terrace across the road is shady and nice

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