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Aiguilles Photo Gallery

  •  Aiguilles photo aiguilles0025b.jpg

    1/20. Village roofs in Aiguilles, around the town hall with its clock tower

  •  Aiguilles photo aiguilles0033b.jpg

    2/20. The Aiguilles village town hall (Mairie)

  •  Aiguilles photo aiguilles0030b.jpg

    3/20. This pink marble fountain in the center of Aiguilles has the dates 1881 and 1936

  •  Aiguilles photo aiguilles0015b.jpg

    4/20. Aiguilles village lavoir and fountain with a cherub holding a snake

  •  Aiguilles photo aiguilles0011b.jpg

    5/20. The main street through Aiguilles, towards the west end of the village

  •  Aiguilles photo aiguilles0018b.jpg

    6/20. Aiguilles buildings with their typical wooden balconies

  •  Aiguilles photo aiguilles0023b.jpg

    7/20. Wooden-balcony buildings in Aiguilles and a village bakery

  •  Aiguilles photo aiguilles0027b.jpg

    8/20. The Maison du Queyras with its 19th-century sundial in the center of Aiguilles village

  •  Aiguilles photo aiguilles0051b.jpg

    9/20. Part of the main street through Aiguilles village, wi th an Auberge café

  •  Aiguilles photo aiguilles0054b.jpg

    10/20. Shops and a café-restaurant in the center of Aiguilles, with a tall orange building

  •  Aiguilles photo aiguilles0055b.jpg

    11/20. A nicely decorated house in the center of Aiguilles village, with Mexican style dormers

  •  Aiguilles photo aiguilles0064b.jpg

    12/20. The Aiguilles village book-magazine shop and an épicerie (grocery store)

  •  Aiguilles photo aiguilles0069b.jpg

    13/20. An Aiguilles village house with a curious lighthouse styled tower

  •  Aiguilles photo aiguilles0077b.jpg

    14/20. The Aiguilles village church

  •  Aiguilles photo aiguilles0079b.jpg

    15/20. Styled doorways of the Aiguilles village church

  •  Aiguilles photo aiguilles0100b.jpg

    16/20. Aiguilles 'suburbs' on the west side of the village; the Château de l'Auche is at the right foreground

  •  Aiguilles photo aiguilles0082b.jpg

    17/20. The Lombard mountain stream separates La Chalp area at the northeast end of Aiguilles

  •  Aiguilles photo aiguilles0091b.jpg

    18/20. Houses in La Chalp area at the northeast end of Aiguilles

  •  Aiguilles photo aiguilles0109b.jpg

    19/20. The Aiguilles honey maker (miellerie) with its lovely sundial1

  •  Aiguilles photo aiguilles-sundial0019b.jpg

    20/20. An Aiguilles village sundial of Aiguilles village

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