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Saint Laurent-des-Arbres

• Gard (30126)   • Population: 2,587  • Altitude: 60 m

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St Laurent-des-Arbres is a village with a picturesque medieval center in the form of a tight circle of old buildings, including a 10th-century fortified church, 12th-century donjon, and 12th-century Tour de Ribas watchtower.
Cafés, restaurants and commerce.

The Office de Tourisme is located in the watchtower, and the staff is knowledgable and eager to help (sadly, not always the case in all towns).

Guided tours are available to visit the top of the tower in the afternoons, for two or more people.


St-Laurent-des-Arbres has two lavoirs. The principle lavoir is a classic 19th-century covered washhouse, beside the village ring-road. A second covered lavoir on the northeast edge of the village seems neglected, and perhaps to be swallowed up by modern housing.   ( Read More )


The only commerce in the village of St Laurent-des-Arbres is the bakery (boulangerie patisserie) at the Place du grill. (There is a hairdresser and a tabac-press shop.)

Shopping needs for the village are provided by a modern shopping center (centre commercial) 1 km east, beside the N580 highway. The shopping center has a big supermarket, fuel station, motel-hotels, and a famous fast-food joint.


• GPS: 44.05483, 4.699936


IGN (1/25,000) #3041 OT "Avignon"


We had lunch in the Jord'Anna café-restaurant, located at the southwest corner of the village, opposite the bibliothèque (library) and handy parking lot (free), just past the mairie (town hall). The 16-euro lunch menu was excellent (2014), and it's home cooking with fresh foods.

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Department 30, Gard Buses

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