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Saint Laurent-des-Arbres Lavoirs

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We found two lavoirs (washhouses) in the village of Saint Laurent-des-Arbres.

St Laurent-des-Arbres | St Laurent-des-Arbres Lavoirs |

The main village lavoir is on Rue Eugène Cabrol, the northwest part of the village ring-road very near the center. A plaque on the lavoir dates its construction to 1866, the Second Empire. The lavoir sits beside a small stream flowing into the village, and to access the lavoir there's a small, stone footbridge crossing the stream.
Location (lat, long): 44.055661, 4.698517

St Laurent-des-Arbres Sembrancher lavoirA second covered lavoir is on the northeast edge of the village, but rather forgotten and run-down inside. It's located by a residential area, 200 m east on Ave de Sembrancher, left (north) side of the road.
Location (lat, long): 44.05565, 4.70396

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