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Saint Etienne-Vallée-Française

• Lozère (48330)   • Population: 549  • Altitude: 250 m

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Saint Etienne-Vallée-Française is a small village in the hills of the Cévennes National Park, a few km northwest of Saint Jean-du-Gard.
Some of the village houses are of beautiful open stone. There are some ancient stone doorways, a lovely old stone vaulted passage, and the church has a tall, square bell tower with a two-tier set of bells.

There aren't many little streets for wandering, but this is a good café or grocery stop, and the village is worth a short visit while you're here.

A chateau sits at the top of the village, with round corner towers, slate roof, and a crenelated castle keep topped by a round tower with steep conical roof. The chateau is apparently privately owned, and we couldn't get close enough to the grounds even for a photograph.

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