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• Alpes-Maritimes (06450)   • Population: 927  • Altitude: 512 m

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Lantosque is a small mountain village perched on a narrow ridge jutting out sideways over the deep Gorges de Vésubie. The center of the village is renovated, with open, light spaces and the vally road jogging past the main cafés on its way up the valley. There are a few narrow old-village streets but not enough to make this a destination for exploring.

Located at the half-way point in the length of the Vésubie valley, Lanatosque is a handy place for a café stop on your way up in the morning or your way back south in the evening.

On our most recent visit, we spent a half-hour touring the village in the morning before our breakfast coffee, then headed steeply up out of the village for a day's loop hike in the mountains, returning to Lantosque for another photo visit with the late-afternoon sunlight.

Pélasque is a group of hamlets about 4 km southwest of Lantosque, with a fabulous view of the Gorges de Vésubie. Take the D373 that starts up the valley to the northwest, but quickly branches south.

Favorite Sons

Gian Carlo Passeroni (1713-1803), author of the celebrated "Cicerone"

Ignace Thaon de Revel de St-André, Vice-King of Sardinia

Turrini (17th c.), Doctor

History of Lantosque


First record, 12th-c Lantuscia

Medieval: Fief of Tournefour in the 13th century; later made a county.

More Recently: Suffered earthquakes in the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries.


• GPS: 43.974382, 7.311444


IGN (1/25,000) #3741 OT "Vallée de la Vésubie"

The hiking trail "Sentier Valléen de la Vésubie" makes a good day-hike from Lantosque. It begins with a steep climb up the ridge to the hamlet of Quinson, but the rest of the hike is reasonably flat and mostly on pretty trails through the woods.

One possibility is to hike from Lantosque to Roquebillière in the morning, have lunch in the village, and return to Lantosque in the afternoon. An alternate routh out of Roquebillière makes it a loop-hike for most of the distance. It's steep leaving each village, but the rest of the hike is easy going.

There are other loop hikes in the mountains west of Lantosque. One uses the route described just above, but looping out through the Forêt de Sauma Longa instead of going on to Roquebillière. This loop passes the hamlet of Villars, most of which is shown in our Photo 7.

Other hikes to the east of Lantosque are centered around Bollène-Vésubie.


Via Ferrata

The Via Ferrata des Canyons de Lantosque has a route that follows the two deep gorges that pretty much surround the village, finishing with a return across the long "Passerelle de l'Abîme" suspension bridge [Photo 6]. The full route is 1000 m, for 3 hours, but divided into sections, with returns at the 1 hour and 2 hour points.

Transportation Lantosque

Nice - St Martin-Vésubie Bus

  • Bus #730. Nice to St-Martin buses: Two Mon-Sat (morning, evening); one bus Sunday mornings. St-Martin to Nice buses: three Mon-Sat (early morning, morning, mid-day); one bus Sunday evening. Trip time 1h40. Route: Nice Gare routière, Airport Terminal 1, Colomars Gare, Plan du Var, St Jean-la-Rivière, Lantosque, Roquebillière, Berthemont, St Martin-Vésubie.

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