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• Alpes-de-Haute-Provence (04330)   • Population: 57  • Altitude: 950 m

The little village of Blieux is in the mountains, about half way between the Lac de Ste. Croix and the Lac de Castillon (about 15 km to each, as the eagle flies).

Blieux is located about 20 km west-northwest of Castellane. To get there, follow the N85 (Route Napoléon) in the direction of Digne. 16 km from Castellane, past the Clue de Taulanne, turn left at La Tuilière onto the litte D21. The narrow road follows the Asse de Blieux river about 10 km to Blieux.

The old village, along the with ruins of a castle and a donjon, are on a ridge, overlooking the river below. The village church is the Eglise St. Symphorien, built in 1123 by the Monks of Lérins (the island next to Cannes).

The astronomical observatory of Chiran sits on the Le Chiran mountain (1905 m), about 20 km to the west. You can't get there from here, however, except by a fairly difficult hiking trail.

History of Blieux


First record, 1100. The fief of Blieux was first connected to Senez, and later to Castellane and the Pontevès family.

There were 150 families living in the village in 1315. In 1765 the population was 823, dropping to 780 by 1851, and down to 57 today.


Aug (End) - Fete de Village


• GPS: 43.872588, 6.369681


IGN (1/25,000) #3442 est "Senez (3441 OT)(3542 OT)"

Didier Richard (1/50,000) #19 "Haute Provence Verdon"

A hiking trail goes southwest from Blieux, climbing up to the Mourre de Chanier (1930 m) south of the village. Trails branch off in different directions from there, including one that joins the GR4 towards Castellane.
• A hiking and bridal trail follows the little road northwest from the village, eventually branching off towards Barrême in the north or the mountains and forests further west.
• Six km up the road northwest from Blieux, a mostly-unmarked trail goes southwest into the mountains, joining a trail and road up to the astronomical observatoire of Chiran.
• The trail north from the village climbs over the Roche de Picomard (1351 m) and crosses, unmarked, the Montagne de Vibres to join the trails going up towards Barrême.


Camping, Riding

There's a Gite and a riding stable in Blieux.

Transportation Blieux

Department 04, Alpes-de-Haute Provence Buses

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