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• Gard (30700)   • Population: 1,053  • Altitude: 116 m

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Arpaillargues-et-Aureillac is a commune a few km west of Uzès, with the main village of Arpaillargues and the small nearby hamlet of Aureillac. Arpaillargues, sitting astride the road between Uzès and Alès, has a few shops, a decent café-restaurant, a Medieval center, and a massive old chateau that's now an up-market hotel.

Arpaillargues has an ancient center, with some narrow streets, many stone buildings and stone walls. It's an interesting enough village for exploring once you're here, on in the area, but probably not enough to make a special trip.

Lavoir Arpaillargues

The Arpaillargues lavoir (wash house), about The 19th-century lavoir (wash house) of Arpaillargues is covered and walled on three sides. It was fed by a spring about a km northeast of the village center. The lavoir was built in 1851, as a hygienic measure following the cholera epidemic of 1849.

Aureillac Village

Aureillac is the little-sister village of the Arpaillargues-et-Aureillac commune. Just 1.5 km west of Arpaillargues on the D982 you'll pass the tiny village of Aureillac perched on a low hill on the south side of the road.

It's a hamlet of stone houses clustered tightly together, with a few very narrow streets. There's no café, no shops, no commerce in Aureillac, but there is some new construction, so the place is growing rather than declining.


• GPS: 44.000021, 4.373395


IGN (1/25,000) #2941 OT "Uzès"

"Collines et Vignobles autour d'Uzès", map+info (1:30'000)

There are a variety of petite randonée (PR) loop hikes you can take from Arpaillargues. Hikes are clearly marked with the typical yellow blaze, and directional hiking markers are located at strategic junctions.

A short northeast loop around the Les Conques area goes by the 19th-century lavoir and explores a bity of the ancient railway line that once ran past Arpaillargues.

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