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Marvejols - Mende - La Bastide Train

1-Euro Rail Travel

1-Euro Rail Travel | Carcassonne - Quillan 1€ | Nîmes - Aigues-Mortes 1€ | Perpignon - Vernet 1€ Marvejols - Mende 1€ |

The price is only one euro (1 €) for a railway trip across the top of the Cevennes, between Marvejols, Mende and La Bastide-St Laurent.

The route is: Marvejols, Chirac, Le Monastier, Les Salelles, Chanac, Le Bruel, Barjac, Balsièges, Balsièges Bourg, MENDE, Bagnols-Chadenet, Allenc, Belvezet, Chasseradès, LA BASTIDES ST-LAURENT-LES-BAINS.
At the eastern end, the railway station is at the little town of La Bastide-Puylaurent, which serves also the mountain village of St Laurent-les-Bains ( 8 km up the road).

Trip Time. Marvejols - Mende is 45-50 minutes. Mende - La Bastide St-Laurent is about 1h15.

Cost: 1 euro. (The 1€ price on this line began in 23 June 2012.)

Schedules. Schedules change twice a year, so get the latest schedule online from the SNCF-TER Languedoc-Roussillon website.

2. In the lower-left column, under Se déplacer en TER, select Fiches horaires (
3. In the center, under Recherche par ligne, select the two schedules
    - 13 Lozère Ouest - Mende - Clermont - Beziers, and
    - 14 Lozère Est - Mende - Clermont - Nîmes; For each of them, click on CONSULTER LES FICHES HORAIRES and click on the button bar CHOISIR LA FICHE HORAIRE. If there's more than one schedule listed, select the one for your time period. A page with the schedule (in PDF) should be displayed.

We don't know if this means you change trains at Mende.

The 1-euro trains are part of a program by the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France to open picturesque and historic villages and site to visitors,

Marvejols - Mende - La Bastide Rail Map

Perpignon - Villefranche/Vernet Rail Map

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