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1-Euro Rail Travel in Provence

Occitaine Train Routes at 1 €

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The Occitanie (ex Languedoc-Roussillon) region of France has been pricing some of its railway lines at one euro (1 €) since July 2011. As of 2012 there were five lines priced at 1 €. The one-euro price is for a single ticket, good for one day, not transferable and not refundable.

From 2013, all local travel on the regional (TER) trains in Languedoc-Roussillon (now Occitaine) was supposed to cost 1 €, but as of early 2018 that doesn't seem to be entirely true. Except for the five 1-euro rail lines listed below, a 1-euro price seems to be limited, and available based on day, time of day and route.

Map. The Occitanie 1-Euro Train webpage has a map (click on the large map icon) showing all line in the region at 1 €.

Online Tickets. Tickets are available online, from the Occitanie 1-Euro Train (listed just above), or from the first page of the OUi / SNCF website. When you put in your departure and arrival stations, you'll get a list of possible trains, with prices. If you don't see a 1-euro price, try different times, or different days.

Kiosk Tickets. Tickets are available from kiosks at the train stations, but we're guessing that they will be variably available base on the same criteria at the online sales.

The 1 € lines. The railway lines priced at 1 € as of early 2018 are:

  • Nîmes - Aigues-Mortes - Le Grau-du-Roi line (Gard department).
      From the Roman-arena town of Nîmes, south to the Mediterranean seaside.

  • Perpignan - Villefranche / Vernet-les-Bains line (Pyrénèes-Orientales department).
      From the Mediterranean town of Perpignan, west into the Pyrénées.

  • Carcassonne - Limoux - Quillan line (Aude department).
      From the magnificient Medieval walled town of Carcassonne, south through the historical Cathar countryside.

  • Marvejols - Mende - La Bastide/ St Laurent line (Lozère department).
      An east-west route through small villages, along the northern edge of the Cevennes.

  • Béziers - Magalas - Bédarieux - Le Boousquet-d'Orb - Liunas - Les Cabrils - Ceilhes-Roqueredonde
      (Hérault department). A north-south route through small villages.

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