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Nice Airport Buses

All bus trips withing the Alpes-Martimes cost €1.00, including any transfers from bus to bus (Bus Alpes-Maritimes). This includes the buses at the Nice Airport, but there could be exceptions: More information is given on the Nice-Airport-Bus webpage:

A PDF map showing all bus routes in the Alpes Maritimes is available on the Transports Alpes Maritimes website ( [Feb 2010]; in the box Les Lignes at the right.

Bus schedules for the buses at the Nice Airport are available on PDF files, directly from the Nice-Airport-Bus page: The bus lines include:

Destination Line Departs
Monte Carlo, Menton 10 Terminal 1 & 2
Nice Center, Port 98 Terminal 1 & 2
Grasse 500 Terminal 1
Aix-en-Provence, Marseille - direct autoroute L.E.R. 20 Terminal 1
Aix-en-Provence, Marseille, Avignon - direct autoroute L.E.R. 20 Terminal 1
Albenga, Gênes [Genoa] (Italy) - direct autoroute   Terminal 1 & 2
St Raphaël, St Tropez 104 Port: Parking Kennedy
St Raphaël, St Tropez Bateaux BOAT Port de St Raphaël
sola 2000 750 Terminal 1 & 2
Valberg 770 Terminal 1
Val d'Allos   Terminal 1
Gap L.E.R. 21 Terminal 1
NOCTAMBUS [Night] N4 Place Masséna: station J.C. Bermond
Villefranche, Beaulieu, Monte Carlo, Menton 100 Gare Routière
St Etienne-de-Tinée, Auron 740 Terminal 1 & 2
Cannes NocTAM'bus 200 Terminal 1
Monaco, Menton NocTAM'bus 100 Terminal 1
Nice Le Grand Tour   Terminal 1
Cannes Xpress 210 Terminal 1 & 2
Sophia Antipolis via Autoroute 230 Terminal 1 & 2
Nice Gare SNCF Direct 99 Terminal 1 & 2
Cannes via RN7 200 Terminal 1
Fréjus, St Raphaël Direct via Autoroute   Terminal 1 & 2
Aix-en-Provence, Marseille via RN7 L.E.R. 20 Terminal 1
Gare SNCF St Augustin - Nice Ville Bus urbain #23 Vallon des Fleurs Terminal 1

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