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Languedoc-Roussillon Museums

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Amusements and things to do in the Languedoc-Roussillon Region in the South of France. Between Provence and the Pyrénées, the Languedoc-Roussillon Region has mountains and Mediterranean beaches, and borders Spain. NB: As of January 2016, the new region of Occitanie includes the old regions of Midi-Pyrenées and Languedoc-Roussillon.

Agde  -  Hérault (34300)

20 km southeast of Beziers; 25 km southwest of Sète.

Santons du Monde Museum - Musée Santons du Monde

A display of over 2000 santons of Provence, in a 17th-century building.

Location: 2 Ave de Vias (across from the Cathedral St-Etienne, on the banks of the Hérault)

Open: Daily, July-Aug: 10h-20h; Sept-June: 14h-18h30

Closed: January 1st

Entry: €5.70



Aigues-Mortes  -  Gard (30220)

Le Monument d'Aigues-Mortes

Visit the Tour de Constance and the Ramparts

Location: Place Anatole France

Entry: €6.50; 18-25 €4.50; under 17 free

Tel: 0466 536 155; Fax: 0466 537 998

Musée Paleo Passion

Location: 33 rue E. Jamais

Open: every week-end and on school holidays in April, May and June. Open every day from June 15th to September 15th.

Entry: Free


The Paléo Passion Museum presents you a splendid fossils and minerals collection coming from Europe. Dinosaurs' eggs, ammonites, tribolites. Exhibition of more than 700 pieces for the great pleasure of children and adults.

Musée de la Torture

Location: 3 rue de la République

Entry: €7.00

Tel: 0611 977 083

An unique and international famous in the world exhibition. A visual synthesis of the torture story and its very impressive organ. Several inventions to torture and kill.

Anduze  -  Gard (30140)

Music Museum - Musée de la Musique

A thousand musical instruments from around the world.

Location: 4 Montée d'Alès

Open: July-Aug: 7-days, 10h30-13h, 15h-18h30; School Vacations 14h30-18h
Sun and holidays all year (except 25 Dec): 14h30-18h

Closed: Jan-Feb

Entry: 4 euros; kids 3 euros (2012)

Tel: 0466 618 660; Fax: 0466 617 951



This large private collection is in the heart of a Medieval village, on a shady site beside the river.

Arpaillargues Museum  -  Gard (30700)

Musée 1900

Location: Moulin de Chalier, ; Arpaillargues (eastern edge), 3 km west of Uzès

Open: 1 June - 30 Sept: daily, 10h-29h
1 Oct - 31 May: Tue-Sun (closed Mon), 10h-12h, 14h-18h (but open on holiday Mondays)

Closed: 15 Jan - 1 Feb, 25 Dec, 1 Jan


Bagnols-sur-Cèze  -  Gard (30200)

Musée Albert-André

Contemporary and modern art, specializing in Provencal art.

Location: Town Hall (Hôtel de Ville), Place Mallet, 2nd floor

Open: Tue - Sun, 10h-12h, 14h-18h

Closed: Monday, some holidays

Entry: Free

Tel: 0466 505 056

Camargue Museum

Open: Apr-Oct 9h-12h30, 13h-18h
Nov-Mar 10h-12h30, 13h-17h

Closed: 1 May

Entry: €10 Abbey visit (self tour or with guided tour)
€12 Abbey visit and Gardens

Email: 5 euros

Céret  -  Pyrénées-Orientales (66400)

Museum of Musical Instruments - Musée des Instruments de Céret

A beautifully presented display of about 400 musical instruments, from around the world, and including Catalan musical instruments.
Our Beyond page Céret Music Museum has photos of the museum displays.

Location: 14 rue Pierre Rameil

Open: 10h30-13h30, 14h30-19h00

Entry: 5 €; under 7 free


Museum of Musical Instruments - Musée des Instruments de Céret

A beautifully presented display of about 400 musical instruments, from around the world, and including Catalan musical instruments.

Location: 14 rue Pierre Rameil

Open: 10h30-13h30, 14h30-19h00

Entry: 5 €; under 7 free


Lézan  -  Gard (30350)

8 km southeast of Anduze; 15 km south of Alès; 30 km northwest of Nîmes.

Doll and Teddybear Museum - Musée des Poupées et Nounours

A thousand teddybears, dolls and ancient toys are presented in a 12th-century house.

Location: 4 Rue de l'Estrangladou

Open: 14 July - 31 Aug: 7-days, 12h30-18h30; Sept - 13 July: Sat-Sun, 15h-18h, or by rendez-vous.

Tel: 0455 831 957



Mialet  -  Gard (30140)

12 km west of Alès; 5 km east of St Jean-du-Gard.

Desert Period Museum - Musée du Désert

An historical museum for the "Desert" period of 1685-1787 in the Huguenot past of the Cevennes. From the Edict of Nantes to the Edict of Tolerance, the Camisards war, the persecutions and the resistance, up to the French Revolution.

Location: Mas Soubeyran

Open: Mar-Nov: daily, 9h30-12h, 14h-18h; 1 July - 1st Sunday Sept: 9h30-19h.

Tel: 0466 850 272; Fax: 0466 850 002


Free circulation or 1-hour comentary visit.

Nages-et-Solorgues  -  Gard (30114)

Nages Museum - Musée de Nages

An archeological museum, with artifacts from the Oppidum de Nages and the Oppidum de St-Dionisy.

Location: In the Mairie

Open: You need to ask at the Mairie for entry.

Notre-Dame-de-la-Rouvière  -  Gard (30570)

Small village in the Cévennes National Park. - 30 km southwest of Alès; 12 km north of Ganges.

International Postman Museum - Musée international du Facteuo Facteur

A collection of postal uniforms, hats, letter boxes, bicycles and other postal objects from 130 countries around the world. Collected with 20 years of research by to postmen.

Location: In the village.

Open: July-August: daily, 10h0-12h, 15h-19h; Sept-June: 14h-17h30 (phone to make sure).

Tel: 0467 812 038

Web: www,

The museum belongs to the Community of Communes de L'Aigoual; maintained by the Office de Tourisme of the Canton de Valleraugue Mont-Aigoual.

Le Castillet - Le Castillet Musee De L'histoire De La Catalogne Nord

History museum for northern Catalognia. Great view from the top - 142 steps

Location: Le Castillet Place de Verdun

Open: All year, 10h30-18h

Closed: Monday; 1 May; 14 July; 25 Dec

Entry: 4 ;, under 25 free; 1st Sun of the month free

Tel: 0468 354 205


Natural HIstory Museum - Museum d'Histoire Naturelle

350 square meters of presentation. Animals rare or disappeared from the eastern Pyrénées, migrating birds, birds of prey, Pyrénées animals, crocodiles, etc.

Location: 12 rue Fontaine Neuve

Open: Mon-Sat, 10h30 - 18h

Closed: Sun; 1 Jan; 1 May; Mon Pentecost; 14 July; 11 Nov; 25 Dec

Entry: Free

Tel: 0468 663 368


Palace of the Kings of Majorca - Palais des Rois de Majorque

A 13th-century palace built for a king and queen, in the center of a military citadel in the heart of Perpignan.

Location: Rue des Archers

Open: All year, 7 days. Oct - May 9h-17h; June-Sept 10h-18h

Closed: 1 Jan; 1 May; 1 Nov; 25 Dec

Entry: 4 €, under 12 free

Tel: 0468 344 829


The Palace was opened in the summer of 2013 after being closed four years for renovation.

Chateau de Porte  -  Gard (30530)

Chateau de Portes

Medieval castel, with rooms on three floors renovated and open to visitors

Location: Col de Portes, Gard, at the eastern edge of the Cévennes National Park.
GPS: 44.267810, 4.026432

Open: Apr-May: Wed-Sun, 10h-12h, 13h-17h
June-Sept: Tue-Sun, 10h-12h, 13h-17h

Closed: Oct - Mar

Entry: 5€


Saint Gilles  -  Gard (30800)

Musée de la Maison Romane

The museum is housed in a 12th-century Romanesque building, classified as an hisorical monument in 1862. The displays include natural history, archeology and regional history.
Stair climbing is required to see all of the museum. Apart from the ground-floor displays, there are two upper-floor sections, each with its own staircase to visit one room each on two higher floors.

Location: Place de la Maison Romane

Open: Apr-Oct 9h30-12h30, 14h-18; Nov-Dec, Feb-Mar 9h-12h30, 14h-17h30

Closed: Sunday, holidays, all January

Entry: Free

Tel: 0466 874 042


Saint Hippolyte-du-Fort  -  Gard (30170)

Silk Museum - Musée de la Soie - Gard-Cévennes

Silk-Making museum and workshop, focused on the silk-making industry of the Cevennes in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Location: Place 8 Mai

Open: 1 Apr - 30 Nov: 10h-12h30, 14h-18h Tue-Sun (closed Mon except for holidays)
3 July - 27 Aug: 7-days, 10h-12h30, 14h-18h
Guided tours in English on Wednesday, 11h30, during June - Sept.

Tel: 0466 776 647; Fax: 0466 77 66 47



Saint Jean-du-Gard  -  Gard (30270)

Cévenoles Valley Museum - Musée des Vallée Cévenoles de St-Jean-du-Gard

From chestnuts to silk. Located in a 17th-century inn, the museum is dedicated to people's arts and traditions, and deals with the history and the Cevenol Culture. Important to the development was the chestnut tree an silkworm breeding.

Location: 95 Grand-Rue

Open: July-Aug: daily, 10h-19h; Apr-Oct: daily, 10h-12h, 14h-19h;
Nov-Mar: Tue, Thur 9h-12h, 14h-18h; Sun 14h-18

Tel: 0466 851 048; Fax: 0466 851 361



Saint Quentin-la-Potèrie  -  Gard (30700)

Mediterranean Pottery Museum - Musée de la Poterie Méditerranéenne

Located in an ancient oil mill, sharing the courtyard entrance with the Gallery Terra Viva.

Location: 14, rue de la Fontaine Maison de la Terre; Entrance inside a courtyard.

Open: Feb-May 14h-18h; June 10h-13h, 15h-19h; July-Aug 10h-13h, 15h-19h; Sept 10-12, 14h-18h; Oct 14h-18h; Nov-Jan: wed-sun 14h-18h except school days.

Closed: Sun, Mon

Entry: 3 €; free for under 12.

Tel: 0466 036 586

Sauve  -  Gard (30610)

Pitchfork Conservatory - Le Conservatoire de la Fourche

Museum and ancient nettle-tree pitchfork

A museum about making pitchforks from the nettle-tree (micocoulier). The micocoulier has been used for centuries to make pitchforks, by guiding the growth of the branches into the iconing three-pronged shape.

Location: Les Cazernes

Open: Apr-Sept, daily (except Sun), 9h30-12h30, 15-19h; Oct-March: Wed-sun, 14h-17h and School vacation days 14h-17h.

Closed: Sun

Entry: 4 €

Tel: 0466 805 466

Vallabrègues  -  Gard (30300)

Musée de la Vannerie

Location: Village, just north of Tarascon, southwest of Avignon

Open: Wed-Sun, 14h-18h

Tel: 0466 594 814; Fax: 04 66 59 48 14

Vannerie (reeds) and historical artisanal objects. Grand Café 19th century.

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