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Faience Pottery

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Faience is a style of pale, tin-glazed pottery with a fine, and often floral, decoration. A well-know source of Faience pottery in Provence is created in the village of Moustiers-Saint-Marie.

Our current style of Faience pottery originated with French speaker in Italy, but the history of the style goes back to pre-ninth-centure Middle East, or possibly to Egypt some 50 centuries earlier.

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These are examples of faïence pottery from Moustiers-Saint-Marie. Click on an image to see a larger photo.

photoP01 Blue faience vase with face detail photoP02 Plate with bird
photoP03 Platter/plate with bird photoP04 Lace-edged blue plate with bird
photoP05 Open-edeged plate with fighting birds photoP06 Rose plate
photoP07 Montgolfier plate photoP08 Water supply-basin set
photoP09 Turine and kitchen set photoP10 Hummingbird platter

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