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Campaniles Photo Gallery

  •  Campaniles photo bezaudun-alpes-campanile0007b.jpg

    1/25. Bezaudun-les-Alpes campanile with the snow-covered Alps behind

  •  Campaniles photo bezaudun-alpes-campanile0007b2.jpg

    2/25. Detail view of the Bezaudun-les-Alpes campanile

  •  Campaniles photo allemagne-provence-campanile0027b.jpg

    3/25. Allemagne-en-Provence village campanile and cloudy sky

  •  Campaniles photo apt-campanile084b.jpg

    4/25. Apt town campanile over the medieval gateway

  •  Campaniles photo aups-campanile0014b2.jpg

    5/25. Campanile in the town of Aups

  •  Campaniles photo aups-campanile0014b.jpg

    6/25. Closer view of the iron scrollwork of the Aups campanile

  •  Campaniles photo bagnols-foret-campanile025b.jpg

    7/25. campanile in Bagnols-en-Foret, in the Var department

  •  Campaniles photo caromb-campanile0024b.jpg

    8/25. A complex campanile in the village of Caromb

  •  Campaniles photo carpentras-campanile097b.jpg

    9/25. The very busy campanile of Carpentras

  •  Campaniles photo cereste-campanile024b.jpg

    10/25. The Cereste village campanile

  •  Campaniles photo cipieres-campanile069b2.jpg

    11/25. Campanile on a small chapel in Cipieres village

  •  Campaniles photo cipieres-campanile070b1.jpg

    12/25. Campanile on the main church of Cipieres village, from a very old photo of ours

  •  Campaniles photo claviers-campanile002b.jpg

    13/25. Claviers village campanile

  •  Campaniles photo coursegoules-campanile0012b.jpg

    14/25. Graceful campanile in the village of Coursegoules

  •  Campaniles photo digne-campanile0011b.jpg

    15/25. Tall, slender campanile in Digne-les-Bains at sunset

  •  Campaniles photo digne-campanile0021b.jpg

    16/25. A shorter campanile in Digne-les-Bains

  •  Campaniles photo flayosc-campanile026b.jpg

    17/25. Village campanile of Flayosc

  •  Campaniles photo gigondas-campanile035b.jpg

    18/25. The Gigondas village campanile is beside the bell tower, with a sundial on the opposite side

  •  Campaniles photo lurs-campanile0005b.jpg

    19/25. Campanile on top of a high stone tower in Lurs

  •  Campaniles photo manosque-campanile0011b.jpg

    20/25. Graceful onion-dome campanile in Manosque

  •  Campaniles photo orange-france0060b.jpg

    21/25. Campanile and bells on the town hall tower in Orange, France

  •  Campaniles photo quinson0237b.jpg

    22/25. Tall iron campanile in the village of Quinson

  •  Campaniles photo quinson0234b.jpg

    23/25. A smaller iron campanile on a chapel in Quinson

  •  Campaniles photo riez-campanile098b.jpg

    24/25. The Riez village campanile

  •  Campaniles photo villecroze-campanile0037b.jpg

    25/25. A square style campanile in the village of Villecroze

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