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GR de Pays de Montmirail

[Hiking GR Montmirail Map]

This hiking trail is a long loop between Vaison-la-Romaine (in the north) and Beaumes-de-Venise (in the south). The complete loop is about 55 km (estimate) and it's all shown on the IGN "blue" map #3040 ET. On the map, the trail is clearly marked, but it's not always labeled the same way. Most of the trail is labeled "GR de pays"; one part is labeled "Tour des Dentelles de Montmirail".

You can, of course, do a clockwise or a counter-clockwise loop. We're describing a counter-clockwise loop, which is the way we've seen it listed most often.

Our Hiking GR Montmirail map gives you an overall view of the hike, especially relating to the towns and villages in the area. You'll need the 3040 ET hiking map to follow the trail.

South of Vaison-la-Romaine center and south of the river, about 500 m southwest of the "table d'orientation", is the junction of the trail for the depart and the return. The trail goes west, following the edge of the hills south of the river valley, for about 5 km.

Here the GR de Pays joins the GR4, coming from the northwest and Roaix. You turn left and follow the GR4/GR de Pays west and then swing south to Séguret.

From the southern edge of Séguret the GR4 goes east. This makes a good short-cut for a day-hike loop Vaison-la-Romaine - Séguret - Crestet - Vaison-la-Romaine.

The GR de Pays goes due south from the southern edge of Séguret, passing east of Sablet, then bending east into the hills and the Pas de l'Aigle. Here the trail turns sharply southwest towards Gigondas.

The "Tour des Dentelles de Montmirail" continues southwest through Gigondas, then due south (zig-zagging) and passes east of Vacqueyras before curving east to Beaumes-de-Venise.

The GR de Pays crosses through Beaumes-de-Venise on the main road, then goes northeast through the vineyards, eventually getting back into low hills. There are side trails here going north to La Roque-Alric, but you continue east to Le Barroux.

From Le Barroux, the GR de Pays goes north along the road, then smaller roads, and into the hills past the Sainte-Madeleine Monastery.

About 2 km north of the monastery the GR de Pays joins the GR4. East the GR4 takes you the Malaucène (3 km). North at the junction, the GR de Pays joins the GR4 back into the Dentelles de Montmirail hills.

At the top of the "Dentelles" there are a number of trail junctions. The GR4 goes west here to Séguret (the short-cut we mentioned earlier).

The GR de Pays does a due-east and then a westward loop, and continues north to Crestet.

At the southern edge of Crestet village the GR de Pays turn west for its final northwestern leg back to Vaison-la-Romaine.

GR de Pays Alternate

IGN maps 3040 ET and 3140 ET

At Le Barroux (6 km northeast of Beaumes-de-Venise, another hiking trail marked (on the 3040 ET map) "GR de Pays" goes east, past the small lake, Lac du Paty, and northeast into the Forêt de Malaucène and the foothills of Mont Ventoux.

This GR de Pays joins the GR 91 here, about 9 hiking km northeast of Le Barroux and 4 km southeast of Malaucène (map 3140 ET). This GR de Pays goes south to Crillon-le-Brave (5 km).

From Crillon-le-Brave this "alternate" GR de Pays goes south towards Saint Pierre-de-Vassols. Outside the village the trail turns southeast, then south, and passes west of Mormoiron. Continuing south and southeast, this GR de Pays goes almost to the village of Blauvac before turning west to Malemort-du-Comtat.

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