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Vaison-la-Romaine Puymin

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The Roman Ruins at Vaison-la-Romaine are some of the biggest in France. The two main sites that can be visited (Puymin and La Villasse) are located in the center of town, near the Office de Tourisme.

The ticket office is at the entry to the Puymin site (described on this page), just to the right of the Office de Tourisme. Once you have your ticket, you can also visit the La Villasse site, across the parking lot to the left of the tourist office.

Just up the hill from the entry and ticket office is a small Museum for the archeological site. At the museum you can get a free audioguide (French, English, German or Dutch) that describes individual points around the Puymin and La Villasse parts of the ruins.

We found the most interesting part of the Puymin site to be the ruins along the bottom of the hill, extending out from near the entrance. These are described on the site map as the House of Apollo Lauré, a Sanctuary and an Artists Sector.

Roman sacophages, Villasse site, Vaison-la Walking up over the hill towards the Roman Theatre is a nice walk, and along the way we found these interesting stone sarcophagi lined up along the side of a terraced walkway. This reminded us of the line of Gallo-Roman and Merovingien sarcophagi we found at the Mazan village cemetery (Mazan photo-2), located 25 km south of Vaison-la-Romaine, past Malaucène.

Continuing on over the hill to the Roman Arena (Theatre) on the far side, though, we didn't think was worth the effort or the time. Although it has an historical significance, the Arena doesn't have an ancient look to it, and is now used for concerts and such things.

Entry and Hours

The Roman sites Puymin and La Villasse are open every day, June to September, 9h30 - 18h30.

Entry: € 8 adult; Kids under 12 and students € 3 (2013 prices). The ticket allows you to go in and out of both sites for 24 hours, so you don't have to try to see everything in a single visit.

Included in the price is an audioguide in French, English, German or Dutch, which you pick up at the Museum inside the Puymin ruins area (just up the hill from the ticket booth).

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