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Mayran Chapel

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This chapel, also known as the Hermitage de Mayran was built in the 12th century on the site of a Roman Villa. Chapel Mayran sits in a tiny clearing in a copse of trees surrounded by vast vineyards, about 2 km northeast of Saint Martin-la-Coste village.

A pilgrimage is done every year on the first Sunday of may to the Mayran chapel, to protect the area from drought and plague. The pilgrimage has been going on annually since sometime in the 17th century.

Geographical location (lat, long): 44.069677, 4.671517


Ancient sundials carved into the stone On one outside wall of the chapel we found four small sundials carved into the stone. They're crudely carved, but ancient looking, and missing the pointers (gnomons).

Our photo here shows three of the little sundials. A fourth one is higher up on the same corner wall.


Hiking signpost for trails passing Myran

• GPS: 44.069658, 4.671525

The GR42 (Grande Randonnée) hiking trail passes through the Mayran Chapel site.

  • Northwest and north the GR42 trail follows little lanes across vineyards to Laudun-l Ardoise, 4.8 km. Further north the GR42 goes through Bagnols-sur-Cèze to the Ardèche Gorges.
  • Southeast the GR42 goes to the village of St Laurent-des-Arbes (3.6 km), east to Roquemaure (on the Rhône), and past Villeneuve-lès-Avignon.

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