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Le Coulet Menhirs

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The Le Coulet Menhirs are a grouping of four Neolithic standing stones on the Causse du Larzac, south of the Cirque de Navacelles.

The Causse du Larzac is a limestone plateau south of the Massif Central and about 50 km northwest of Montpellier. The Causse du Larzac is sparsely inhabited, used mainly for grazing sheep, and has a remote and desolate feeling.

These four menhirs, 1.3 km south of the tiny hamlet of Le Coulet, are in open fields and very visible from the D130 road that passes through. The ancient standing stones are around 3 meters tall, and shaped from pointed ovals (giant almond) to very narrow.

IGN map of the Coulet Menhirs This map (from the IGN's Geoportail website) shows the location and positions of the menhirs. The numbers (1-4) are our own.
  Menhir 1 location: 43.810271,3.522555
  Menhir 2 location: 43.809832,3.518894
  Menhir 3 location: 43.808661,3.519246
  Menhir 4 location: 43.807284,3.511607

Continuing south from here on the D130, the Ferrussac dolmens are only 5 km further on.

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