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Alp'Azur Chocolaterie

At Villars-sur-Var

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Restaurant, Chocolate Factory (Chocolaterie artisanale), Homemade Ravioli (Pâtes fraîches maison) and Train Station.
Located by Villars-sur-Var in the Alpes-Maritimes, the Auberge Alp'Azur is housed in the old railway station of the Train des Pignes (the train still stops here). The restaurant is good, with very friendly service, and the homemade chocolate is outstanding.

Auberge "ALP'AZUR"
06710 Gare de Villars-sur-Var
Tel: (33) 493 05 78 44
Open: 7 days a week (7 jours sur 7), 365 days a year, for lunch only.
Menu: 80 F Mon-Fri; 150 F menu gastronomique Sun.
Large windowed dining room beside the tracks, and a large terrace.

Alp'Azur is run by Maurice Secula, who was a champion cyclist in his first life. Retired from Cycling, Maurice had a second career in transportation before becoming interested in making chocolate. He began his third career with a diploma for "Cuisine et Pâtisserie" at the "Ecole Hôtelière de Nice" and studying with a great Parisian "chocolatier".

Restaurant. Great quantities of excellent food, great prices and very friendly service. A typical Sunday menu (there's only one) included:
(course 1) - an 11-item starter course, including fresh salmon, curred ham, cantelope, artichoke hearts, etc.
(2) - Provencal pasteries with tomato and saussage
(3) - an omelette of fine herbs
(main) - roast lamb with pasta and salad
(4) - cheese
(5) - dessert


Maurice is a master "chocolatier", creative, a real artist. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. Around Easter is the best time to see his more spectacular creations of marbled eggs, bells and chickens. Around Christmas, one of the upstairs rooms becomes an exposition hall for around 50 of his creations.

A selection of fresh chocolates-1 A selection of fresh chocolates - 2
A selection of fresh chocolates - 3 A selection of fresh chocolates - 4

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