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Nissarde Cuisine

Provencal French cuisine

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In this Beyond region there are areas with their own very distinctive styles, and even the more widely-know dishes have local variations. Nice, for example, became a part of France just over a hundred years ago, and Niçois cooking (see below) is special, good, well-respected and considered unique. Alpine regions, such as in the valleys of the Roya, the Tinée, or the Var, have their unique specialties, different from Marseilles, with its emphasis on seafoods such as the bouillabaisse.

The following selections are considered authentic by the "Cuisine Nisarde" group of restaurants in Nice. The menus offered by the member restaurants use the correct ingredients, in the correct proportions and served during the correct season.

Beignets aux Pommes Raisins Secs

Daube Niçoise

Farcis Niçoise

Ganses Niçoise

Gnocchi Niçoise

Pan Bagnat


Poche de Veau Farcie

Ratatouille Niçoise

Raviolis Niçoise

Salade Niçoise

Sardines Farcies à la Niçoise


Tian de Courgettes ou de Corges

Torte de Blette

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