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Grey Field Speedwell

Veronica polita     Fr: Véronique luisante

 Speedwell, Grey Field photo speedwell-grey0003b.jpg

A low, sprawling, hairy annual. The reddish stems are much-branched, including at the base. Leaves toothed (not lobed) and flowers bright blue, 6-7 mm. Cultivated, waste and disturbed land, often abundant, roadsides and old walls. Dec-July.

Flowers. Dec-July

Flower. Tiny - very small (less than a centimeter) solitary blue flowers are borne in terminal racemes. Bright blue, fading to white at the center, and the lower lobe is much paler.

Leaves. Greyish-green oval leaves are toothed rather than lobed, about 10-15 mm wide. (V. acinifolia has untoothed or slightly toothed leaves; V. triphyllos leaves have finger-like lobes; V. hederifolia leaves are kidney-shaped, 3-7 lobes, with large end lobe.)

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