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Early Purple Orchid

Orchis mascula (Subspecies: olbiensis)     Fr: Orchis mâle

 Orchid, Early Purple photo orchid-early-purple0015b.jpg

This small orchid is one of the most common in the region, although still not easy to find, and it's protected. It grows to 20-60 cm; the one in the photo was 12 cm high.

Flowers. Apr-May

Flower. The flowers grow in loose clusters of 5 to 15. The one photographed had a cluster about 5 cm long, with individual flowers 1x2 cm. The color is usually a darker purple than depicted in our photo.

Leaves. The leaves are slender are lance-shaped, about 15 cm long, and may or may not have spots.

Habitat. Higher altitudes away from the coast: woodlands, scrub and hedges.

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