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Orobanche crenata, Orobanche alba     Fr: Orobanche crénelée

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Broomrape is a parasitic herb without chlorophyll, hence the lack of green pigment that other plants use to obtain energy from the sun. The flowering stem is thick and slightly hairy.

We've identified the plants in our photos as Orobanche crenata, distributed widely throughout the region. Orobanche alba is similar, but should be more slender

Flowers. Feb-Aug

Flower. he flowers are stalkless along the stem, 20-30 mm long, with the petals opening to an upper and lower lip. The lips are creamy-white and ruffled, with thin lilac veins inside.

Leaves. Scale-like leaves, 25 mm long, growing tightly against the base of the stem are the same reddish-brown color as the rest of the plant.

Habitat. Fields and gardens, often growing with their related parasitized plants, such as the pea family for Orobanche crenata.

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