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Bulbocodium Vernum

Bulbocodium vernum     Fr: Bulbocodium Vernum

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This wild crocus-like lily was photographed in the Alps near the Lac d'Allos (1850 m) at the beginning of May.

Similar to the Crocus Biflorus, but there are subtle differences. The Crocus Biflorus has narrower leaves, while those of the Bulbocodium Vernum are broader (as in our photos). In the older flowers, the petals fall open separately. They often grow in the same areas at the Crocus Versicolor.

Flowers. Apr-June

Leaves. From 3 to 6 slender leaves sprout vertically from the base, before the flowers appear.

Habitat. Alpine prairies, high in the Pyrenees and the central Alps (and one place in Austria). In the Alpes-Maritimes, we've found them near the Allos Lake (Lac d Allos) and at the Plateau de Caussols.

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