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Aphyllanthes monspeliensis     Fr: Aphyllanthe de Montpellier

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This flower is easy to recognize because of the dark vein down the center of each petal. When not in flower, the clump of thin stems resembles a small clump of rushes. The stems are narrow, stiff, hairless and ridged. The fruit capsule contains 3 black seeds.

At present, the Aphyllanthes is considered as the unique species of the Aphyllanthaceae family. (From reader Jean-François, Aug 2000.)

Flowers. Apr-July

Tall. Short - Med

Flower. The flower has 6 round-ended bluish-purple petals, each with a dark vein. The flowers are 25-30mm diameter, and grow singly or sometimes 2 or 3, at the tips of the stems. The bracts are brownish and papery.

Leaves. The plant appears leafless at first glance; the leaves are thin sheaths clasped tightly to the base of the stems.

Habitat. Garrigue, dry grassy and rocky places.

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