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Visiting Wineries, Wine Tasting

Winery cave photo Most of the wineries have free tasting (dégustation), without rendez-vous, and sell wine by the bottle. Open hours are often all day, from around 9 AM to 6 or 7 PM in the summer. In some, especially during the off-season, they're usually closed during mid-day, from 12 or 12h30 to 2 or 3 PM. To really appreciate French wines, take a break yourself at mid-day, and sample the wines with the local cuisine.

Guided visits are possible at many of the wineries, but usually by phoning first.

If you're just wandering around from vineyard to vineyard, you're likely to find them open and offering free tasting, but if you want a particular vineyard, you should phone first for the hours.

Ordering Wine

Most of the vineyards we've visited will take orders and ship the wine, but only within France, or sometimes within the European Union.

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