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Villecroze Grotto Photo Gallery

  •  Villecroze Grotto photo villecrozegr0015b.jpg

    1/12. Cliff front and left side. The grotto entrance is at the large recessed area in the center of this photo.

  •  Villecroze Grotto photo villecrozegr0018b.jpg

    2/12. Cliff front and right side.

  •  Villecroze Grotto photo villecrozegr0014b.jpg

    3/12. Caves entrance. The entrance is in the lower-right part of this photo.

  •  Villecroze Grotto photo villecrozegr0026b.jpg

    4/12. Grotto main room.

  •  Villecroze Grotto photo villecrozegr0029b.jpg

    5/12. Small doorways in the Villecroze grottos. The left-hand doorway goes down a passage way (next photo); the right-hand (very low arch) goes down a few steps and into the caves.

  •  Villecroze Grotto photo villecrozegr0030b.jpg

    6/12. Villecroze grotto passage. The windows along the left look out over the distant town.

  •  Villecroze Grotto photo villecrozegr0038b.jpg

    7/12. Cobwebby window. Most of the wall windows are larger and clean. This was a high window in a deep recess.

  •  Villecroze Grotto photo villecrozegr0035b.jpg

    8/12. Villecroze grotto stalactites.

  •  Villecroze Grotto photo villecrozegr0041b.jpg

    9/12. Interior steps into upper Villecroze caves.

  •  Villecroze Grotto photo villecrozegr0042b.jpg

    10/12. Grotto interior, flowing stalagtites.

  •  Villecroze Grotto photo villecrozegr0047b.jpg

    11/12. Villecroze grotto full stalactite.

  •  Villecroze Grotto photo villecrozegr0051b.jpg

    12/12. Villecroze grotto tall stalactites.

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