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Vence Photo Gallery

  •  Vence photo vence0028b.jpg

    1/8. The "Matisse" chapelle of Vence

  •  Vence photo vence046b.jpg

    2/8. Inside the Vence "lavoir" with its arched walls.

  •  Vence photo vence0024b.jpg

    3/8. A view of Vence village with its circular-walled buildings.

  •  Vence photo vence028B.jpg

    4/8. Older photo Vence village.

  •  Vence photo vence0001b.jpg

    5/8. The main fountain in Vence - Just inside the entrance of the old town.

  •  Vence photo vence0003b.jpg

    6/8. Vence shoe, Shirt Shop. And obviously hats as well.

  •  Vence photo vence0034b.jpg

    7/8. An old mill in the village of Vence - The Moulin de Boursac is in the valley at the edge of the old town. The water wheel is still in place, inside the arched opening, bottom center of the building.

  •  Vence photo vence0064b.jpg

    8/8. Chapelle des Pénitents Blancs, Vence

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