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Venanson Photo Gallery

  •  Venanson photo venanson0001b.jpg

    1/15. Venanson village perched above the valley, below the mountains.

  •  Venanson photo venanson0002b.jpg

    2/15. Venanson village perched along the high ridge.

  •  Venanson photo venanson0017b.jpg

    3/15. The snug village center of Venanson overlooking the valleys.

  •  Venanson photo venanson0074b.jpg

    4/15. The main Place Saint Jean at the entrance to Venanson village. Behind the fountain is the only village café, also a year-round hotel-restaurant.

  •  Venanson photo venanson0029b.jpg

    5/15. Cobblestones and stone walls of Venanson's Descente du Serre. This leads out to the eastern end of the village.

  •  Venanson photo venanson0037b.jpg

    6/15. Picturesque La Placette square in Venanson village is pretty, has a great view, and and interesting attribute.

  •  Venanson photo venanson0045b.jpg

    7/15. Trompe d'oeille door and window at La Placette square in Venanson village. One window is real. And of course the bicycles and bench are real as well.

  •  Venanson photo venanson0042b.jpg

    8/15. Old houses and balconies in the heart of Venanson village.

  •  Venanson photo venanson0048b.jpg

    9/15. Narrow village street in Venanson, with stone walls and vaulted passage.

  •  Venanson photo venanson0052b.jpg

    10/15. The main lavoir-fountain of Venanson. The small sign hanging on the fountain spigot warns of a surprise.

  •  Venanson photo venanson0055b.jpg

    11/15. Lavoir surprise in Venanson village. Attention: fish - respect nature. And the colorful residents of this part of the lavoir.

  •  Venanson photo venanson0086b.jpg

    12/15. Looking out the western end of Venanson village.

  •  Venanson photo venanson0089b.jpg

    13/15. A weathered old barn at the western part of Venanson village.

  •  Venanson photo venanson0098b.jpg

    14/15. This is the hamlet of Les Granges, just beside (and below) Venanson village.

  •  Venanson photo venanson0068b.jpg

    15/15. St Martin-Vésubie is in the valley below Venanson, to the north. The switch-back road up the mountainside is smooth and wide.

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