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Trans-en-Provence Photo Gallery

  •  Trans-en-Provence photo trans0022.jpg

    1/9. The river through the village, past old mills and other buildings

  •  Trans-en-Provence photo trans045.jpg

    2/9. Old olive oil mill and auberge beside the river

  •  Trans-en-Provence photo trans0018.jpg

    3/9. Grotto dining room of the Auberge du Vieux Moulin

  •  Trans-en-Provence photo trans054.jpg

    4/9. Peaceful river scene in the village

  •  Trans-en-Provence photo trans056.jpg

    5/9. An exterior view of the village

  •  Trans-en-Provence photo trans0012.jpg

    6/9. Campanile on the church clock bell tower

  •  Trans-en-Provence photo trans0026.jpg

    7/9. Sundial (cadran solaire) on the front of the 18th-c town hall (Mairie)

  •  Trans-en-Provence photo trans0028.jpg

    8/9. An ancient fountain (18th century)

  •  Trans-en-Provence photo trans0010.jpg

    9/9. The old fish hatchery at edge of the village

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