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Tarascon Photo Gallery

  •  Tarascon photo tarascon027b.jpg

    1/21. Chateau de Roi René in Tarascon, town side

  •  Tarascon photo tarascon036b.jpg

    2/21. Tarascon's Chateau de Roi René on the Rhône - 12th-15th century Sainte-Marthe church at the right

  •  Tarascon photo tarascon037b.jpg

    3/21. Tarascon's Chateau de Roi René beside the Rhône river

  •  Tarascon photo tarascon0020b.jpg

    4/21. A Medieval presence inside Tarascon's Chateau de Roi René

  •  Tarascon photo tarascon014b.jpg

    5/21. The medieval Porte Condamine at rue Jean Juarès

  •  Tarascon photo tarascon019b.jpg

    6/21. Tarascon's Porte St Jean on the south side of the old town (1998) - see top of Théatre inside

  •  Tarascon photo tarascon0106b.jpg

    7/21. Tarascon's Porte St Jean on the south side of the old town (2013)

  •  Tarascon photo tarascon0029b.jpg

    8/21. Tarascon's 17th-century Hotel de Ville

  •  Tarascon photo tarascon0036b.jpg

    9/21. Sainte Marthe slaying the Tarasque, on top of the old Hotel de Ville in Tarascon - statue by Louis le Mâle

  •  Tarascon photo tarascon0048b.jpg

    10/21. Street of arcades, Tarascon's Rue des Halles

  •  Tarascon photo tarascon0038b.jpg

    11/21. Under the vaulted arcades on Rue des Halles in Tarascon

  •  Tarascon photo tarascon016b.jpg

    12/21. The narrow Rue Proudhon (old Rue de Refuge), and passers-by

  •  Tarascon photo tarascon0060b.jpg

    13/21. The narrow Rue Raspail in the old town of Tarascon

  •  Tarascon photo tarascon0076b.jpg

    14/21. Front of the 17th-century Hotel d'Aiminy, now the Souleiado museum.

  •  Tarascon photo tarascon0098b.jpg

    15/21. Tarascon's 19th-century Theatre on the Rue Eugène Pelletan - in the south part of the old town, inside the Port St Jean

  •  Tarascon photo tarascon0096b.jpg

    16/21. Sculptured top of the 19th-century Theatre in Tarascon

  •  Tarascon photo tarascon018b.jpg

    17/21. An antique antique shop just inside the Porte St Jean (1998)

  •  Tarascon photo tarascon0102b.jpg

    18/21. An antique antique shop just inside the Porte St Jean (2013)

  •  Tarascon photo tarascon-tarasque01b.jpg

    19/21. The mythical Tarasque of Tarascon - (photo from the Wikipedia)

  •  Tarascon photo tarascon-fontvieille072b.jpg

    20/21. Daudet's windmill in nearby Fontvieille

  •  Tarascon photo tarascon-fontvieille074b.jpg

    21/21. Roman aqueduct near Fontvieille

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