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Sainte Enimie Photo Gallery

  •  Sainte Enimie photo ste-enimie0015b.jpg

    1/17. Sainte Enimie village nestled in a notch of the hills on the right bank of the Tarn, looking north

  •  Sainte Enimie photo ste-enimie0018b.jpg

    2/17. Center of Sainte Enimie, with the monastery at the top of the village

  •  Sainte Enimie photo ste-enimie0194b.jpg

    3/17. The big, rectangular monastery at the top of Sainte Enimie village is not open to the public

  •  Sainte Enimie photo ste-enimie0055-57b.jpg

    4/17. View across Sainte Enimie from the far west side of the village

  •  Sainte Enimie photo ste-enimie0089b.jpg

    5/17. West of Sainte Enimie is the Gorges du Tarn, and the road going around the ridge for the Gorges and for Mende to the north.

  •  Sainte Enimie photo ste-enimie0113b.jpg

    6/17. Slate roofs along Rue de la Combe in the center of Sainte Enimie village

  •  Sainte Enimie photo ste-enimie0120b.jpg

    7/17. Medieval house in Sainte Enimie village, with tower and sun glistening on the slate tiles

  •  Sainte Enimie photo ste-enimie0107b.jpg

    8/17. Small courtyard of the Sainte Enimie monastery, beside the Chapelle Sainte Madeleine

  •  Sainte Enimie photo ste-enimie0035b.jpg

    9/17. Narrow, cobblestone Rue Basse climbs the west side of Sainte Enimie - the blue mark high on the building is the flood level of 29 September 1900

  •  Sainte Enimie photo ste-enimie0134b.jpg

    10/17. Period transportation in Sainte Enimie, and Rue des Remparts.

  •  Sainte Enimie photo ste-enimie0165b.jpg

    11/17. Place du Presbytère with shady grape arbor in the heart of Sainte Enimie village

  •  Sainte Enimie photo ste-enimie0147b.jpg

    12/17. Cobblestones, stone walls and slate, Rue des Remparts in Sainte Enimie village

  •  Sainte Enimie photo ste-enimie0203b.jpg

    13/17. Small Medieval part of Sainte Enimie across the 3-arch bridge, on the left bank of the Tarn

  •  Sainte Enimie photo ste-enimie0217b.jpg

    14/17. The Hermitage of Sainte Enimie perched high on the cliffs beside the village

  •  Sainte Enimie photo ste-enimie0229b.jpg

    15/17. A path from the village climbs up to the Hermitage of Sainte Enimie

  •  Sainte Enimie photo ste-enimie0001b.jpg

    16/17. Sainte Enimie village with the parking areas beside the river and beside the canoe rentals

  •  Sainte Enimie photo ste-enimie-kayak0013b.jpg

    17/17. Kayaks setting off from Sainte Enimie down the Gorges du Tarn

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