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Saint Raphaël Photo Gallery

  •  Saint Raphaël photo straphael0060.jpg

    1/8. Notre Dame de la Victoire. Church built in 1888.

  •  Saint Raphaël photo straphael0048.jpg

    2/8. A tree-lined avenue in Saint Raphaël.

  •  Saint Raphaël photo straphael0019.jpg

    3/8. Vaulted passage to the market. Rue des Lauriers that passes through to the Marché République.

  •  Saint Raphaël photo straphael0036.jpg

    4/8. Caroselle on the seaside promenade.

  •  Saint Raphaël photo straphael0053.jpg

    5/8. Washing down the morning market. At th Marché Victor Hugo.

  •  Saint Raphaël photo straphael0042.jpg

    6/8. Sailboats and fishing boats.

  •  Saint Raphaël photo straphael0052.jpg

    7/8. Maritime murals at the harbor.

  •  Saint Raphaël photo straphael0004.jpg

    8/8. Stone fountain in an olive-tree square.

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