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Sommières Photo Gallery

  •  Sommières photo sommieres0018b.jpg

    1/15. Fortified entrance 'portail' into Sommières.

  •  Sommières photo sommieres0053b.jpg

    2/15. The Roman bridge of Sommières. The fortified entrance into the old town is at the end of the bridge, at the right.

  •  Sommières photo sommieres0049b.jpg

    3/15. The south side of Sommières' Roman bridge.

  •  Sommières photo sommieres0074b.jpg

    4/15. Sommières' Roman bridge at night

  •  Sommières photo sommieres0078b.jpg

    5/15. Sommières Roman bridge and riverside at night, January

  •  Sommières photo sommieres0012b.jpg

    6/15. Footbridge across the Vidourle into Sommières.

  •  Sommières photo sommieres0023b.jpg

    7/15. Fortified entranceand view into Sommières old town.

  •  Sommières photo sommieres0026b.jpg

    8/15. Ancient arched entrance into a narrow street of Sommières. The arch is engraved 'Porta Narbonnensis' and dated 'Anno MDCCLIII'.

  •  Sommières photo sommieres0033b.jpg

    9/15. The Place des Docteurs Dax in Sommières old town. Warnings are posted that this square floods in times of heavy rain!

  •  Sommières photo sommieres0038b.jpg

    10/15. The 'Reihle' stairs, in the corner of the Place des Docteurs Dax, was built in 1765. In 2002 the square flooded half way up the steps.

  •  Sommières photo sommieres0044b.jpg

    11/15. Top of bell tower at the fortified entrance into Sommières.

  •  Sommières photo sommieres0024b.jpg

    12/15. A small Sommières café.

  •  Sommières photo sommieres0069b.jpg

    13/15. The passenger waits for the driver having one for the road in the café.

  •  Sommières photo sommieres0058b.jpg

    14/15. 10th-century watch tower at the Sommières chateau ruins.

  •  Sommières photo sommieres0095b.jpg

    15/15. Sommières Hotel de l'Estelou at the old railway station

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