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Sault Photo Gallery

  •  Sault photo sault022b.jpg

    1/20. The end of Sault village viewed from the bridge below

  •  Sault photo sault100b.jpg

    2/20. Sault village overlooking a stone bridge and the countryside

  •  Sault photo sault-cyclists0005b.jpg

    3/20. Cyclists coasting through Sault

  •  Sault photo sault0002b.jpg

    4/20. Sault village center

  •  Sault photo sault012b.jpg

    5/20. Sault baker, butcher and hardware shops

  •  Sault photo sault0003b.jpg

    6/20. The 'modernized' quincaillerie in Sault In 2009, 12 years after the preceding photo (where it's the gray front at the right).

  •  Sault photo sault0017b.jpg

    7/20. Terrace lunch-time dining in Sault

  •  Sault photo sault0047b.jpg

    8/20. Family enjoying the view out across lavender fields of Sault

  •  Sault photo sault0043b.jpg

    9/20. Medieval doorway arches on Place du Chateau in Sault

  •  Sault photo sault0050b.jpg

    10/20. Sault also has a Rompe-Cul (Break your Ass) street

  •  Sault photo sault0051b.jpg

    11/20. Stone walls and house turrets in Sault

  •  Sault photo sault0031b.jpg

    12/20. Sault church is 14th century, called Notre Dame de la Tour, or Eglise du Saint-Sauveur

  •  Sault photo sault0053b.jpg

    13/20. A covered lavoir and interesting stone statue on the northwest edge of Sault

  •  Sault photo sault0057b.jpg

    14/20. The stone statue of Saint Marc in Sault has a lot of character

  •  Sault photo sault0011b.jpg

    15/20. Bronze statue of miss Liberty on the Sault fountain

  •  Sault photo sault0067b.jpg

    16/20. A very Medieval little corner of Sault village

  •  Sault photo sault0083b.jpg

    17/20. A pretty, arched window on Rue des Esquiche-Mouches in Sault

  •  Sault photo sault095b.jpg

    18/20. A Sault village bricoleur in his atelier

  •  Sault photo sault005b.jpg

    19/20. Autumn colors on the road from Sault up the flank of Mont Ventoux

  •  Sault photo stjeansault-hike0025b.jpg

    20/20. The hiking signposts near Sault are ancient classics, probably from the 1950s.

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