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Roussillon Photo Gallery

  •  Roussillon photo roussillon0007b.jpg

    1/11. The reds of Roussillon.

  •  Roussillon photo roussillon0047b.jpg

    2/11. Roussillon perched on ocre cliffs.

  •  Roussillon photo roussillon071b.jpg

    3/11. Roussillon village, 1999. Colors pale in the early Spring - and an older camera.

  •  Roussillon photo roussillon0046b.jpg

    4/11. Roussillon village, 2006. A bright summer day.

  •  Roussillon photo roussillon0010b.jpg

    5/11. Colorful old buildings. The town library is at the letf, and the left part of that building is the comic-book (bande desinée) section.

  •  Roussillon photo roussillon0029b.jpg

    6/11. Blue door and cat. We try to avoid "cute" photos, but one slips in now and again.

  •  Roussillon photo roussillon0030b.jpg

    7/11. Village street, walls.

  •  Roussillon photo roussillon0001b.jpg

    8/11. Bright Roussillon houses.

  •  Roussillon photo ocreroussillon0019b.jpg

    9/11. Ocre yellow hills.

  •  Roussillon photo ocreroussillon0048b.jpg

    10/11. Ocre red hills.

  •  Roussillon photo roussillonparkb.jpg

    11/11. Ocre hills, from Beena. Red ochre Giants' Causeway, near Roussillon. Contributed by Beyond reader Beena in 1998.

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