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Rochefort-du-Gard Photo Gallery

  •  Rochefort-du-Gard photo rochefort-gard0111b.jpg

    1/20. The 1735 Saint-Joseph Chapel in Rochefort-du-Gard was the town hall (Mairie) from 1825 to 2012

  •  Rochefort-du-Gard photo rochefort-gard0069b.jpg

    2/20. Upper front of Rochefort-du-Gard's old town hall (Mairie)

  •  Rochefort-du-Gard photo rochefort-gard0121b.jpg

    3/20. The 11th-century Romanesque Castellas Chapel is on the site of the earlier castle of Rochefort-du-Gard

  •  Rochefort-du-Gard photo rochefort-gard0123b.jpg

    4/20. South side of the Castellas Chapel perched above Rochefort-du-Gard village

  •  Rochefort-du-Gard photo rochefort-gard0126b.jpg

    5/20. Part of the panorama from the Castellas above Rochefort-du-Gard village; the distant peak is Mont Ventoux, 50 km to the northeast

  •  Rochefort-du-Gard photo rochefort-gard0063b.jpg

    6/20. Avenue Mistral leading into the center of Rochefort-du-Gard village from the main road at the north

  •  Rochefort-du-Gard photo rochefort-gard0064b.jpg

    7/20. Engraving of Count Raimond VI and Medieval Knights, at the Salle des Fetes on Ave Mistral

  •  Rochefort-du-Gard photo rochefort-gard0073b.jpg

    8/20. This small stone fountain in Rochefort-du-Gard is dated 1834

  •  Rochefort-du-Gard photo rochefort-gard0060b.jpg

    9/20. This old bakery in the village of Rochefort-du-Gard has move, to the east edge of town

  •  Rochefort-du-Gard photo rochefort-gard0071b.jpg

    10/20. The 19th--century parish church in the center of Rochefort-du-Gard village

  •  Rochefort-du-Gard photo rochefort-gard0134b.jpg

    11/20. Side and back of the the 19th--century parish church in Rochefort-du-Gard

  •  Rochefort-du-Gard photo rochefort-gard0087b.jpg

    12/20. The Sunday market in Rochefort-du-Gard is very popular

  •  Rochefort-du-Gard photo rochefort-gard0144b.jpg

    13/20. An imaginative panel for the school in Rochefort-du-Gard village; the football player becomes disjointed at other angles of view

  •  Rochefort-du-Gard photo rochefort-gard0038b.jpg

    14/20. The 18th-century Sanctuary Notre-Dame-de-Grace was founded by Charlemagne in the 8th century

  •  Rochefort-du-Gard photo rochefort-gard0102b.jpg

    15/20. Hillside of the Notre-Dame-de-Grace Sanctuary, founded by Charlemagne, has 13 oratories and one calvaire

  •  Rochefort-du-Gard photo rochefort-gard0146b.jpg

    16/20. Rochefort-du-Gard's covered lavoir on Rue du Lavoir

  •  Rochefort-du-Gard photo rochefort-gard0153b.jpg

    17/20. The lavoir in Rochefort-du-Gard, warning "no bathing", but with no water

  •  Rochefort-du-Gard photo rochefort-gard-sundial0006b.jpg

    18/20. Sundial on the corner of a building of Rue du Lavoir in Rochefort-du-Gard village

  •  Rochefort-du-Gard photo rochefort-gard-sundial0015b.jpg

    19/20. The old Relais de Poste on the Avignon road 4 km east of the village, restored in 2013 as the Mairie Annexe

  •  Rochefort-du-Gard photo rochefort-gard-sundial0019b.jpg

    20/20. The 19th-century sundial on the old Relais de Poste of Rochefort-du-Gard was restored in 2013

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