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Riez Photo Gallery

  •  Riez photo riez001b.jpg

    1/13. Riez Roman columns.

  •  Riez photo riez103b.jpg

    2/13. Riez center, church.

  •  Riez photo riez0025b.jpg

    3/13. Place de la Mairie, Riez. The town hall, in a hidden little square.

  •  Riez photo riez0062b.jpg

    4/13. Riez Tourist Office. This is in the same pretty little square as the "mairie".

  •  Riez photo riez0007b.jpg

    5/13. Entrance "porte" of Riez. In the old defensive town wall.

  •  Riez photo riez0052b.jpg

    6/13. Riez Santons shop. The "santonniere" Thiery DETRAIT makes miniature clay models of buildins, exact according to original records and photos.

  •  Riez photo riez098b.jpg

    7/13. Stone tower and campanile in Riez.

  •  Riez photo riez0072b.jpg

    8/13. 1806 sundial with live marker, Riez. That's a swallow marking the hour.

  •  Riez photo riez091b.jpg

    9/13. Tall-column fountain of Riez. The mossy rocks are no longer in the fountain, but the tree is gone from the right side of the gateway, revealing an ancient sundial.

  •  Riez photo riez099b.jpg

    10/13. Mossy stone fountain of Riez. At the base of a very tall pillar. The stones and moss were removed in a renovation sometime after we took this photo (in 1996).

  •  Riez photo riez0039b.jpg

    11/13. Doorway gardienne, Riez. This keystone figure guards a doorway in the old part of town.

  •  Riez photo riez005b.jpg

    12/13. Triple fountain in Riez.

  •  Riez photo riez0081b.jpg

    13/13. The same Riez Roman columns.

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