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Richerenches Photo Gallery

  •  Richerenches photo richerenches052.jpg

    1/12. Walled town of Richerenches. Once the walls of the Commanderie.

  •  Richerenches photo richerenches053.jpg

    2/12. Other-side walls of Richerenches.

  •  Richerenches photo richerenches0002.jpg

    3/12. Southern entrance to Richerenches. Crossing the Coronne river, the near sign announces the Saturday truffle market; the sign at the far end of the bridge announces the Foire aux Fleurs the first Sunday in May.

  •  Richerenches photo richerenches0007.jpg

    4/12. Saturday market along the main street.

  •  Richerenches photo richerenches0013.jpg

    5/12. Market tables along the fortified walls.

  •  Richerenches photo richerenches0023.jpg

    6/12. Old-town entrance beneath clock tower. Today the entrance into the Commanderie is guarded by the cheese seller.

  •  Richerenches photo richerenches0029.jpg

    7/12. "Black diamonds" for sale in Richerenches.

  •  Richerenches photo richerenches0040.jpg

    8/12. The "real" truffle market. Around the corner from the main-street market stands, the "real" truffle market is from the backs of the cars and vans beneath the platan trees.

  •  Richerenches photo richerenches0049.jpg

    9/12. Templier buildings. The Templier's grange (barn) back-left, the large church, and the covered well foreground-right.

  •  Richerenches photo richerenches0067.jpg

    10/12. Clock tower and campanile. Viewed from inside the old walled village.

  •  Richerenches photo richerenches049.jpg

    11/12. Clock tower, campanile close-up.

  •  Richerenches photo richerenches0082.jpg

    12/12. Sundial "1825". Over the top of the arched gateway into the Rue Cadran Solaire.

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