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Rians Photo Gallery

  •  Rians photo rians0131b.jpg

    1/20. The towers of Rians, twins for Eglise Notre-Dame, the bell tower and the tall bell-tower campanile

  •  Rians photo rians0062b.jpg

    2/20. Pano image of Rians village center, with two active café-restaurants

  •  Rians photo rians0078b.jpg

    3/20. The ancient public granary and wheat-hall in Rians now houses the communal library

  •  Rians photo rians0013b.jpg

    4/20. Monumental 3-spigot fountain in the Rians village square

  •  Rians photo rians0015b.jpg

    5/20. This one-woman produce shop in old Rians in 2009; gone in 2016 with the passing away of the owner

  •  Rians photo rians0088b.jpg

    6/20. A 19th-century stone fountain at Place Saint Laurent in Rians village

  •  Rians photo rians0097b.jpg

    7/20. Cycling and walking east on Rue Jules Ferry in Rians

  •  Rians photo rians0025b.jpg

    8/20. Yellow, green and ocre Provencal colors of Rians village houses

  •  Rians photo rians0036b.jpg

    9/20. The old weighbridge in Rians

  •  Rians photo rians0058b.jpg

    10/20. Arched entry into old Rians village

  •  Rians photo rians0076b.jpg

    11/20. We couldn't tell if this Rians bakery was closed just for noon-time, or a relic from the past

  •  Rians photo rians0107b.jpg

    12/20. Colorful houses at the end of Rue Jules Ferry in Rians

  •  Rians photo rians0109b.jpg

    13/20. Typical Provencal village houses, here in the village of Rians

  •  Rians photo rians0026b.jpg

    14/20. Colorful Rians village walls and windows with green shutters

  •  Rians photo rians0151b.jpg

    15/20. There are many, many steps needed to get from the center of Rians village to the church and chapel area at the top

  •  Rians photo rians0121b.jpg

    16/20. The Chapelle Saint Enfant at the top of Rians is 16th century, at least.

  •  Rians photo rians0093b.jpg

    17/20. This Medieval doorway in Rians, topped with a stone lion, now protects an empty lot

  •  Rians photo rians0042b.jpg

    18/20. Medieval white-stone doorway in old Rians village

  •  Rians photo rians0072b.jpg

    19/20. The Rians village lavoir was dry and a bit forlorn when we last passed (2017)

  •  Rians photo rians0149b.jpg

    20/20. A defensive stone gargoyle on Notre-Dame church in Rians

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