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Remoulins Photo Gallery

  •  Remoulins photo remoulins0099b.jpg

    1/19. Aerial view of Remoulins from a hilltop west of the town

  •  Remoulins photo remoulins0017b.jpg

    2/19. The 12th-c Notre-Dame-de-Bethlehem church in the center of Remoulins old village

  •  Remoulins photo remoulins0050b.jpg

    3/19. Top front of the Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Martin church in Remoulins

  •  Remoulins photo remoulins0049b.jpg

    4/19. Clock-bell tower on Remoulins' Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Martin church

  •  Remoulins photo remoulins0048b.jpg

    5/19. Ornate campanile on Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Martin church in Remoulins

  •  Remoulins photo remoulins0078b.jpg

    6/19. The 10th-century Saint Martin-de-Ferlières chapel in Remoulins

  •  Remoulins photo remoulins0001b.jpg

    7/19. The new bridge over the Gardon river at Remoulins

  •  Remoulins photo remoulins0014b.jpg

    8/19. Doric pillars of the 1830 suspension bridge over the Gardon at Remoulins

  •  Remoulins photo remoulins0054b.jpg

    9/19. Remoulins old village, old donjon and fortified entry

  •  Remoulins photo remoulins0061b.jpg

    10/19. Wrought-iron balcony and blue shutters in Remoulins

  •  Remoulins photo remoulins0058b.jpg

    11/19. View through the fortified entry of Remoulins old village

  •  Remoulins photo remoulins0035b.jpg

    12/19. Vaulted passage and connecting room in the Medieval part of Remoulins

  •  Remoulins photo remoulins0027b.jpg

    13/19. Ancient little door in the old village of Remoulins

  •  Remoulins photo remoulins0036b.jpg

    14/19. Rue de la Cournilhe, an inner street in Remoulins old village, only slightly modernized

  •  Remoulins photo remoulins0064b.jpg

    15/19. Iron gate and overgrown chateau park in Remoulins old village

  •  Remoulins photo remoulins0095b.jpg

    16/19. Remoulins' railway station - no longer a stop for passenger service

  •  Remoulins photo remoulins-bailly0004b.jpg

    17/19. An old wine press outside the Close du Bailly winery in Remoulins

  •  Remoulins photo remoulins-cat0007b.jpg

    18/19. A couple of Remoulins village cats in an upper-story window

  •  Remoulins photo remoulins0028b.jpg

    19/19. An imaginative Beware of Dog sign in the old village of Remoulins

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