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Orange Photo Gallery

  •  Orange photo orange-france0065b.jpg

    1/19. The Orange, France town hall (mairie) on Place Clemenceau

  •  Orange photo orange-france0060b.jpg

    2/19. Gilded campanile on top of the town hall of Orange, France

  •  Orange photo orange-france0055b.jpg

    3/19. Place de la République in the heart of Orange old town, France

  •  Orange photo orange-france0102b.jpg

    4/19. The narrow and somewhat scruffy Rue Victor Hugo in the center of Orange, France

  •  Orange photo orange-france0006b.jpg

    5/19. The original municipal theatre of Orange, with its original 19th-century facade

  •  Orange photo orange-france023b.jpg

    6/19. Pretty stone fountain on Place des Cordeliers, Orange, France

  •  Orange photo orange-france0072b.jpg

    7/19. A small stone fountain at the east end of Place Clemenceau, Orange, France

  •  Orange photo orange-france0126b.jpg

    8/19. Tromphe-l'oeil windows and shutters on Rue Madeleine Roch, Orange, France

  •  Orange photo orange-france-museum0004b.jpg

    9/19. Orange Museum of Art and History, opposite the Roman Theatre

  •  Orange photo orange-theatre0069b.jpg

    10/19. East end of the Roman Theatre in Orange, France

  •  Orange photo orange-theatre014b.jpg

    11/19. Looking down into the Orange, France Theatre and across the town

  •  Orange photo orange-theatre0071b.jpg

    12/19. Panorama of the Roman Theatre stage, Orange, France

  •  Orange photo orange-theatre0054b.jpg

    13/19. Stage wall of the Roman Theatre of Orange, France

  •  Orange photo orange-theatre0065b.jpg

    14/19. Orange, France Roman Theatre's Temple ruins, viewed from the street (through the fence)

  •  Orange photo orange-arch0004b.jpg

    15/19. South face of the Roman Triumphal Arch of Orange, France

  •  Orange photo orange-arch0006b.jpg

    16/19. The Roman Triumphal Arch of Orange, France

  •  Orange photo orange-arch0043b.jpg

    17/19. Roman Triumphal Arch, east side detail, Orange, France

  •  Orange photo orange-france058b.jpg

    18/19. A young fisherman at the Meyne river in the center of Orange, France

  •  Orange photo orange-france012b.jpg

    19/19. Carved wooden statue in Colline St Eutrope park, Orange, France

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