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Nice Tramway Photo Gallery

  •  Nice Tramway photo nicetram0011b.jpg

    1/7. Nice tramway on Place Masséna. The beauty of this large square has been improved by the removal of automobile traffic, and the lack of overhead tram wires.

  •  Nice Tramway photo nicetram0007b.jpg

    2/7. Nice tramway, Place Masséna, Ave Jean Médecin. Viewed from the square, looking north up the Avenue Jean Médecin.

  •  Nice Tramway photo nicetram0001b.jpg

    3/7. Nice tramway on Ave Jean Médecin. The café in the background has been one of Beyond's favorites for decades.

  •  Nice Tramway photo nicetram0017b.jpg

    4/7. Nice tramway on Bvd Jean Jaures. The tram is approaching Place Masséna from the east. The old town is at the far end and to the right.

  •  Nice Tramway photo nicetram0006b.jpg

    5/7. Nice tramway entering Place Masséna from Bvd Jean Jaures.

  •  Nice Tramway photo nicetram0074b.jpg

    6/7. Nice tramway on Ave de la République, North. Looking north up the Avenue.

  •  Nice Tramway photo nicetram0075b.jpg

    7/7. Nice tramway on Ave de la République, South. Approaching Place Garibaldi.

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