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Nice Facades Photo Gallery

  •  Nice Facades photo nicefacades024.jpg

    1/9. Notre Dame church. Where rue Notre Dame meets Avenue Jean Médecin.

  •  Nice Facades photo nicefacades0108.jpg

    2/9. Matisse Museum, front. At the Cimiez park.

  •  Nice Facades photo nicefacades003.jpg

    3/9. Matisse Museum, end. At the Cimiez park.

  •  Nice Facades photo nicefacades010.jpg

    4/9. Place Massena.

  •  Nice Facades photo nicefacades0008.jpg

    5/9. Place Ile de Beauté. At the top end of the old port.

  •  Nice Facades photo nicefacades0014.jpg

    6/9. Seafront hotels, Quai Rauba Capeu. Below the Tour Bellanda with the maritime museum.

  •  Nice Facades photo nicefacades0012.jpg

    7/9. Ocre building and balconies. Facing the seaside along the Quai Rauba Capeu. On the ground, foreground, is a large sundial. You stand on the mark so your own shadow shows the time.

  •  Nice Facades photo nicefacades021.jpg

    8/9. Gare de Sud station. Now abandonded for a newly built station, this was the terminal buidling for the Train des Pignes.

  •  Nice Facades photo nicefacades071.jpg

    9/9. Franciscan Monastary. The museum side of the building, at Cimiez.

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