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Narbonne Photo Gallery

  •  Narbonne photo narbonne0045b.jpg

    1/20. Front of Narbonne's Archbishop's Palace and the Place de l'Hotel-de-Ville, early morning

  •  Narbonne photo narbonne0056b.jpg

    2/20. Front of Narbonne's Archbishop's Palace and the Place de l'Hotel-de-Ville

  •  Narbonne photo narbonne0067b.jpg

    3/20. Dolphin spigots on the fountain in front of Narbonne's Archbishop's Palace

  •  Narbonne photo narbonne0140b.jpg

    4/20. Bas relief tympanum over the doorway into Narbonne's Archbishop's Palace

  •  Narbonne photo narbonne0238b.jpg

    5/20. Spires and towers inside the Archbishop's Palace of Narbonne

  •  Narbonne photo narbonne0239b.jpg

    6/20. Cloister inside Narbonne's Archbishop's Palace

  •  Narbonne photo narbonne0023b.jpg

    7/20. Garden with large sundial on the west side of the Archbishop's Palace in central Narbonne

  •  Narbonne photo narbonne0246b.jpg

    8/20. A pair of the many gargoyles guarding the Archbishop's Palace in Narbonne

  •  Narbonne photo narbonne0073b.jpg

    9/20. Preserved segment of the Roman Domitienne Way road in the center of Narbonne

  •  Narbonne photo narbonne0083b.jpg

    10/20. The Roman's Domitienne Way traced across France - on a plaque at the Roman Road site in the center of Narbonne, Place de l'Hotel-de-Ville

  •  Narbonne photo narbonne0099b.jpg

    11/20. Yacht passing through the locks on Narbonne's Robine Canal - part of the Canal du Midi system

  •  Narbonne photo narbonne0103b.jpg

    12/20. Narbonne's Robine Canal facing the Pont des Marchands - once a Roman bridge, and one of the rare bridges in France with habitation

  •  Narbonne photo narbonne0205b.jpg

    13/20. The Robine Canal in central Narbonne - Archbishop's Palace toweers to the right of the Pont des Marchands

  •  Narbonne photo narbonne0165b.jpg

    14/20. A nicely-paved pedestrian street in Narbonne's old town

  •  Narbonne photo narbonne0008b.jpg

    15/20. 16th century doorways inside the entry of an old townhouse on Rue Violet-le-Duc in Narbonne's old town

  •  Narbonne photo narbonne0015b.jpg

    16/20. Bas relief over an ancient doorway in Narbonne's Medieval old town - this is now a doctor's offic

  •  Narbonne photo narbonne0257b.jpg

    17/20. Narbonne's Les Halles, covered market

  •  Narbonne photo narbonne0002b.jpg

    18/20. A Narbonne wall dedicated to Charles Trenet, a famous singer-songwriter

  •  Narbonne photo narbonne-horreum0018b.jpg

    19/20. Roman-era tunnels beneath Narbonne in the Roman Horreum Museum

  •  Narbonne photo narbonne-lapidaire0031b.jpg

    20/20. Some of the 1300 Gallo-Roman stone carvings in Narbonne's Lapidaire museum

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