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Murs Photo Gallery

  •  Murs photo murs030b.jpg

    1/18. Ancient farm implement with the Vaucluse village of Murs behind (taken back in March 1997)

  •  Murs photo murs0015b.jpg

    2/18. Freshly cropped wheat fields on the east side of Murs village (from July 2017)

  •  Murs photo murs0022b.jpg

    3/18. A well and ancient mill at the edge of Murs village

  •  Murs photo murs0042b.jpg

    4/18. A gite and a tempting vegetable garden in the center of Murs village

  •  Murs photo murs-lunch0003b.jpg

    5/18. A handy place for lunch in Murs village, with a shady outdoor terrace

  •  Murs photo murs0051b.jpg

    6/18. The ancient stone church of Murs village, at the Place de l'Eglise (of course)

  •  Murs photo murs0055b.jpg

    7/18. Bell tower of the Murs village church, with a one-hand clock carved into the stone

  •  Murs photo murs0007b.jpg

    8/18. Murs village viewed from the D4 road just south of town

  •  Murs photo murs046b.jpg

    9/18. Spring green crop on the east side of Murs village (in April 1996)

  •  Murs photo murs0028b.jpg

    10/18. The west side of Murs village beneath a blue July sky

  •  Murs photo murs0038b.jpg

    11/18. A bit of color with the stone walls of Murs village, Place de Vaudois

  •  Murs photo murs0116b.jpg

    12/18. Stone houses and red tile roofs of Murs village, looking across the southern foothills of the Vaucluse Plateau

  •  Murs photo murs032b.jpg

    13/18. Lion-guarded entry to the chateau at the village of Murs

  •  Murs photo murs0106b.jpg

    14/18. Medieval crenelated turrets on the privately-owned chateau of Murs

  •  Murs photo murs0075b.jpg

    15/18. Covered lavoir and a three-spigot fountain at the western edge of Murs village

  •  Murs photo murs0095b.jpg

    16/18. Simple stone-walled houses on Rue des Aires in Murs village

  •  Murs photo murs0080b.jpg

    17/18. A rare "Dragor" pump with lion-head spigot, from around the 1920s or so.

  •  Murs photo murs0068b.jpg

    18/18. Hiking signpost at by the Murs village lavoir, with trails to nearby Gordes and the Col de Murs

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