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Moussac Photo Gallery

  •  Moussac photo moussac0004b.jpg

    1/14. Moussac village overlooking the left bank of the Gardon river, early Spring

  •  Moussac photo moussac0014b.jpg

    2/14. Moussac's old 19th-c town hall is classier that the current town hall (mairie)

  •  Moussac photo moussac0023b.jpg

    3/14. Covered stone well in front of the Moussac town hall

  •  Moussac photo moussac0048b.jpg

    4/14. A narrow village street in the center of Moussac

  •  Moussac photo moussac0033b.jpg

    5/14. Some shops, and a café-restaurant beside the central parking area in from onf Moussac's town hall

  •  Moussac photo moussac0071b.jpg

    6/14. Sparce camanile bellfry, and weather cock, on a church in Moussac village

  •  Moussac photo moussac0052b.jpg

    7/14. This 12th-century tour carrée (square tower) now services as a water tower for Moussac village

  •  Moussac photo moussac0021b.jpg

    8/14. Mimosa tree growing in the courtyard of one of Moussac's many large buildings

  •  Moussac photo moussac0049b.jpg

    9/14. Red shutters, red windows in the village of Moussac

  •  Moussac photo moussac0018b.jpg

    10/14. Picturesque old hut in the center of Moussac village

  •  Moussac photo moussac0066b.jpg

    11/14. An ancient and worn-out iron gate in the center of Moussac village

  •  Moussac photo moussac0065b.jpg

    12/14. Stone buildings in a courtyard in the center of the village of Moussac

  •  Moussac photo moussac0009b.jpg

    13/14. Moussac village's small bull-fighting arena

  •  Moussac photo moussac-kestrel0004b.jpg

    14/14. Kestrel launching from 12th-century tower in Moussac village.

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