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Mouans-Sartoux Photo Gallery

  •  Mouans-Sartoux photo mouanssartoux0079b.jpg

    1/17. Mouans-Sartoux chateau SW. The southwest side of the chateau.

  •  Mouans-Sartoux photo mouanssartoux0080b.jpg

    2/17. Mouans-Sartoux chateau SE. The southeast side of the chateau, viewed from in front of the local history museum.

  •  Mouans-Sartoux photo mouanssartoux0039b.jpg

    3/17. Mouans-Sartoux main square. The "lavoir" is at the left; the streets going off to the right go into the old village.

  •  Mouans-Sartoux photo mouanssartoux0031b.jpg

    4/17. The Mouans-Sartoux "lavoir".

  •  Mouans-Sartoux photo mouanssartoux0034b.jpg

    5/17. 17th-century Chapaelle de pénitents. At the corner of the main square, by the "lavoir". Above the doorway is a 16th-c sculptured scene.

  •  Mouans-Sartoux photo mouanssartoux0049b.jpg

    6/17. Mossy lady fountain. At the square in front of the mairie.

  •  Mouans-Sartoux photo mouanssartoux0051b.jpg

    7/17. Mouans-Sartoux' 16th-c Saint-André church front.

  •  Mouans-Sartoux photo mouanssartoux0059b.jpg

    8/17. Provencal colors in Mouans-Sartoux old village.

  •  Mouans-Sartoux photo mouanssartoux0001b.jpg

    9/17. This is a blue house. At least that's what the sign across the front of the house says.

  •  Mouans-Sartoux photo mouanssartoux0066b.jpg

    10/17. Another Mouans-Sartoux blue house. Without a sign, we had to figure out the color for ourselves.

  •  Mouans-Sartoux photo mouanssartoux0058b.jpg

    11/17. Mouans-Sartoux old-town street (1).

  •  Mouans-Sartoux photo mouanssartoux0061b.jpg

    12/17. - Mouans-Sartoux old-town street (2).

  •  Mouans-Sartoux photo mouanssartoux0063b.jpg

    13/17. Mouans-Sartoux old-town street (3).

  •  Mouans-Sartoux photo mouanssartoux0064b.jpg

    14/17. Mouans-Sartoux old-town street (4).

  •  Mouans-Sartoux photo mouanssartoux0070b.jpg

    15/17. Mouans-Sartoux old-town side-street. This also happens to be our favorite restaurant in Mouans-Sartoux.

  •  Mouans-Sartoux photo mouanssartoux0008b.jpg

    16/17. The old Mouans-Sartoux railway station. This was just before the new railway line was built, along with the modern station building.

  •  Mouans-Sartoux photo mouanssartoux0017b.jpg

    17/17. Mouans-Sartoux chateau art museum interior.

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