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Mazaugues Photo Gallery

  •  Mazaugues photo mazaugues0025b.jpg

    1/15. Mazaugues' 1777 fountain at the Place Louis Abram.

  •  Mazaugues photo mazaugues0099b.jpg

    2/15. Aerial view of Mazaugues. Seen from the chateau ruins above.

  •  Mazaugues photo mazaugues0059b.jpg

    3/15. Mazaugues village street - in February.

  •  Mazaugues photo mazaugues0062b.jpg

    4/15. The main village café of Mazaugues. A more active and family place than it seems — we had to wait for a moment when there wasn't a crowd of people and kids around the entrance.

  •  Mazaugues photo mazaugues0002b.jpg

    5/15. A mossy, stoney fountain in Mazaugues. Sitting just outside the village center.

  •  Mazaugues photo mazaugues0081b.jpg

    6/15. Mazaugues office de tourisme. The OT entrance is a plain little doorway at the left end of this lovely old building.

  •  Mazaugues photo mazaugues0015b.jpg

    7/15. The ice museum of Mazaugues. A museum about making ice in the 19th-20th centuries.

  •  Mazaugues photo mazaugues0037b.jpg

    8/15. The large covered lavoir of Mazaugues.

  •  Mazaugues photo mazaugues0118b.jpg

    9/15. Mazaugues' tall octagonal bell tower, from 1783.

  •  Mazaugues photo mazaugues0030b.jpg

    10/15. Mazaugues houses and narrow side street.

  •  Mazaugues photo mazaugues0110b.jpg

    11/15. Colorful house in a narrow Mazaugues street.

  •  Mazaugues photo mazaugues0078b.jpg

    12/15. A Mazaugues doorway dated 1708. The notice on the door is for apartments for rent.

  •  Mazaugues photo mazaugues0022b.jpg

    13/15. A carved stone face on an ancient doorway in Mazaugues.

  •  Mazaugues photo mazaugues0072b.jpg

    14/15. A group of young hikers heading out of Mazaugues village. We saw them a bit later on the GR9 trail passing by the chateau ruins.

  •  Mazaugues photo mazaugues0084b.jpg

    15/15. Chateau ruins on the hilltop above Mazaugues village

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